No More Hectic Mornings: Before School Brain Boost

tips Nov 06, 2023
Tired of Hectic Mornings?

In the whirlwind of the morning rush, getting your child ready and out the door for school can be a demanding task. But what if there were a way to make these moments not just manageable but valuable for your child's mental fitness? That's what we're diving into today – four simple ways to incorporate mental fitness training moments before school drop-off.

Maximize your before-school hours and reduce those hectic mornings.



  •  Deep breathing isn't just for adults; it's a fantastic tool to help your child stay calm and focused. Encourage your child to stand or sit comfortably, close their eyes, and take a deep breath in. Hold it for a few seconds, and then exhale slowly. This will help your child start the day with a clear mind and is like giving them a superpower – a tool that helps them cope with stress and face challenges with a clear head.
  •  Nature is a fantastic resource for mental fitness. Before school, encourage your child to spend a few moments in your garden or take a short walk. If you can't access nature directly, bring a little bit of the outdoors to your home. Even a potted plant or some fresh air on the balcony can work wonders.
  •  Research has shown that a burst of physical activity can significantly enhance focus and concentration. Incorporate a brief movement routine before school to wake up your child's brain. Simple activities like jumping jacks, a quick dance to their favorite song, or a few stretches will do the trick.
  •  Starting the day with intention can make all the difference. Sit down together and have a brief discussion about what your child wants to accomplish. Write the goal down, so it becomes tangible and real. This little routine offers two essential mental fitness lessons. First, it helps your child develop goal-setting skills, teaching them how to approach their day with focus and determination. Second, when your child achieves their goal, it boosts their confidence, setting the stage for a day full of small successes.

Starting the day with deep breaths, a dash of nature, some physical activity, and a clear goal sets your child up for success. These are simple mental fitness training moments that can become valuable habits. So, make these moments count and watch your child thrive.

Now it’s your turn. What is one habit or technique you use to help set your family up for success? Let’s share this wisdom. Post in our comments on Instagram.

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